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GBHfusion BETA is your site for technology and gadgets! We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the making of Gareth Blake Hall Fusion (GBHfusion). To get started just click the register now link. Once registered you'll be able to do heaps more. Click the "edit profile" link to setup your GBHfusion account. With your GBHfusion account you can post on the forums, change site preferences, make comments to items and articles (or themes) and quite a lot more. Welcome to GBHfusion, we hope you enjoy your stay!
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Microsoft Surface
Written by admin on the 25-06-07

Thank god Microsoft has brought out a new multi-touch screen too. Now apple does not have full, patented control. This was accomplished by Microsoft as the Surface runs on completely different technology. Microsoft Surface, will be used by the end of this year throughout rest
The Nabaztag Bunny!
Written by admin on the 25-06-07

A review on the Nabaztag, a Wi-Fi smart object developed by Violet.

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Back on track!
GBHfusion are back on track! You may have noticed that quite a few things are different and new. Thanks to everyone, we have now come up with a new logo identity. We may still change our logo again, however this will be the type of style it will have for/
Sorry for the delays.
Unfortunately its that time of year again and everyone is quite busy. Initially I expected that GBHfusion would grow quite quickly, however it seems that ain´t gonna happen until everyone gets back home from wherever they´re at :*rolleyes*: So as the days
Journalists Required.
Since we are a new site, we need help! As a journalist, you will be given an extra add-on to your current site-wide account. This will enable you to write for the following sections: Themes, Articles, Netcasts and Userbars. Generally, journalists write for the Articles a
We have launched!
Wow GBHfusion has been in the making for millions of years. We´ve had help from dinosaurs even! But today, as of the 31st of December 2006, 12:09am (cutting it quite close), we are proud to announce the grand opening of GBHfusion! Although we are not quite done,

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